Download Information

D3D Puttsimulator can be downloaded on a private computer. By purchasing a license in the store, the program is available to you in full. The license expires if the invoice triggered by the order is not paid within 10 days.

Users who want to use the D3D Puttsimulator for commercial purposes are asked to contact the D3Dputtlabor GmbH.

All D3D software products are proprietary and licensed products of D3Dputtlabor GmbH. Therefore, please read the license terms carefully before downloading the software.

Help and instructions for download and installation can be found in the user manual.


A PC/laptop with Windows operating system and audio/video output media (monitor, projector) is required to download, install and run the software.

Your PC should meet the following minimum requirements:
RAM: 10GB; Hard disk: 3GB; CPU: AMD Ryzen 2600 or Intel i5-8400; GPU: AMD RX580 4GB or NVidia GTX1060 3GB

The following system performance is recommended for your PC:
RAM: 16GB; Hard Drive: 3GB; CPU: AMD Ryzen 2600 or Intel i5-8400; GPU: AMD RX5700XT 8GB or NVidia RTX2070 8GB

Gaming in the MixedReality zone requires additional accessories. D3D recommends proven products from the market. The camera accessory package and add-ons for setup in the home or lounge area are sold directly by D3D. Additional, user-specific accessories are easy to obtain and set up. Consultation or on-site installations by D3D are to be requested by contacting D3D.

D3D is dependent on the market and its current supply conditions regarding accessories and therefore charges its customers a reasonable distribution fee.

The accessory package is ordered bindingly in the online store. The customer receives by e-mail an order confirmation and a proforma invoice. After settlement of the invoice, the order is executed.

Individual items can also be ordered by email, stating the accessory number.